Namaste here and breathe— 

If only it were that simple right? In today’s society, we are faced with many personal, professional, and social challenges on a daily basis, overrun by the chaos of our everyday lives telling us to keep up the pace. Essentially, our brains are always telling us to go, go, go and nearly everyone is affected by these factors at some point. 

However, everyone experiences it differently. We are all wired to fight back against these odds. But sometimes our wiring gets shortened due to physical, emotional, and even social factors. As a result, we might feel overwhelmed and ultimately think that we are not capable of handling all the pressure without breaking down or throwing in the towel. 

It’s times like this, when the restless uncertainty of our everyday lives needs to press pause and quiet the mind. The best practices come from a centered equilibrium that allows you to find your own inner Zen. 

If we learn how to do that, those ‘things’ that once seemed so overwhelming – that at one time made us stay in bed for days because we didn’t know how to deal with them – become so easy to deal with that we laugh at ourselves for ever letting them get us down. Time to get out of your head or bed and practice the power of stillness. It really is that simple! 

Check Out Our 7 Simple Ways To Find Your Zen 

Feel: Be aware of your feelings, but don’t let the chaos become your reality. Rather, let everything exist in the way it is, while trying to bring your world back to normal. Don’t overreact! 

Rise early: Rise early and start your day sooner. It allows you some free time to collect yourself, contemplate the day ahead, and stay connected to your inner self. You can use this time for prayer, yoga, meditation, journaling, or any other method that calms your mind. 

Practice deep breathing: Deep breathing balances your nervous system and is transformative in an amazing way. Inhale slowly, pause, and hold your breath for a beat. Then exhale slowly and controlled, with another pause before your next inhale. This breathing exercise will bring energy to every cell in your body. 

Take genuine, mindful breaths: If at any time in the day you feel like you’re losing control over yourself, take a short break and practice slow, mindful breathing. Take at

least five deep breaths to reclaim your Zen and feel revitalized again before returning to your routine. 

Be kind to yourself: Feeling ashamed or guilty of past actions can really bring down your morale and make you feel low. Forgiving yourself can promote good and positive vibes. Realize that you can’t change the past, but you can do differently in the future. Don’t dwell on what you can’t change. 

Positive words: What we say has a profound impact on our feelings and those of the people around us. Affirmations and positive words promote good mutual feelings and surround you with positive energy. If you tell yourself you suck, that’s exactly how you’ll feel. Instead, tell yourself, and those around you, how awesome you and they are. 

Spend more time in nature: Nature is more than just the scenery. Spending time outdoors helps your overall mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Believe me, you will feel much happier after some time outside! 

Yes, these techniques are deceptively simple. And that’s the awesome thing about them. 

They are SIMPLE and they WORK! 

The next time you’re feeling anxious or down in the dumps, try one or all of these simple techniques. I bet in 10 minutes you’ll be feeling a ton better! 

In health & happiness,