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Epic Retreats is a collection of exciting, inspiring, and invigorating adventures for men and women who love to explore the great outdoors, connect with nature, and build lasting friendships.

We customize trips for your enjoyment throughout national parks in the United States and around the world, sparking your pioneering spirit and helping fulfill your desired dream destination.

We are a way of life— elevating your experience, igniting your wanderlust, and helping you reach traveling goals. Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?


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Behind Epic Retreats

The year was 2010 and I was hiking my favorite bluff trail in Big Sur immersed in the serenity of nature’s beauty. The turquoise waves came in intervals crashing against the jagged rocks with the occasional bark of sea lions in the distance. There was no one else in sight – it was simply me and the sea.

As I meditated on the shore and gazed outward at the boundless horizon an inner spark ignited inside my heart, and I knew in that moment I wanted to share my passion for the outdoors with other like-minded folks.

Throughout the hike I continued to envision how I could help others experience the same joy and fondness I did for nature, while also building a community and lasting friendships. Inspiration came tapping – the wind was brushing up against my skin as it urged me to share these breathtaking views, mesmerizing landscapes, and irreplaceable moments with the world.

And so, my lifelong dream fruition into reality. That same year I offered my very first Epic Retreat in Napa Valley. I’ve come a long way in the past decade, continuing to follow my adventurous feet as they lead me through endless trails and remarkable places. I am thrilled to share my passion with other like-minded individuals and hope that you will venture out on many Epic Retreats with me!

I followed my heart… and it has taken me on an amazing adventure. I am delighted to share my passion with you!

Meet Sunita

At Epic Retreats


Owner / Founder

As a young girl, I knew I had a strong desire to stay active and healthy. Growing up in the great outdoors of the Himalayas in Northern India I was surrounded by nature and often found myself soaking up the serenity of earth’s beauty. I would climb exotic fruit trees with my siblings, play catch in rice paddy fields with my cousins, and trek along the majestic mountains with my friends. The outdoors has always been a place of freedom and exploration for me – a home away from home.

Flash forward to my adulthood, I moved to California where I immersed myself in all it had to offer. I began soaking up the essence of the natural environment which inspired me to build what I have always longed for…Epic Retreats!

I want to share the same passion, memories, and experience with others.

My very first trips started as weekend adventures to Napa, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, and local Bay Area hot spots. I chose only to host short retreats and day trips to local destinations in the beginning since I was chasing my young twins around and running a part-time personal training business— I had no room to be stagnant!

As my twins started to get older, I slowly began offering longer trips to regional national parks around the United States. Now, my kids have ventured off to college, leaving me with more time and freedom to offer international retreats for all those around the world to enjoy.

Happiness comes from spending time doing what you love most.

The journey has only just begun! I want to help you connect to nature and feel liberated in the wellness of unforgettable experiences, invigorating adventures, endless explorations, and new discoveries. As the founder, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my passion for the outdoors and love of wellness to create such awe-inspiring getaways.

I look forward to embarking on the journey of a lifetime with you!


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