For Just in Case

Epic Retreats recommends trip insurance. Beyond the concerns of the pandemic and Covid-19, trip insurance has always been a smart idea. Some of the most common claims from this policy are: sickness or injury of insured or travel companion prior to trip, weather, missed connecting flight or cancelled flight, or trip interruption, such as illness or injury while traveling. Other claims include hospitalization or death of a grandparent, elderly parent or immediate family member, jury duty, or destination becomes uninhabitable due to fire or flooding. Ankle, knee, or back injuries prior to trip are also common claims.

Important Note: To obtain full policy benefits and waiver of pre-existing conditions, trip insurance should be purchased within 20 days of your initial payment or deposit.


This #1 selling plan includes trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, in addition to medical and emergency evacuation benefits. It has comprehensive coverage designed for active and adventurous vacations, no deductible and comes at an affordable price point. Some commonly filed claims are: injury prior to trip, travel delay, and hospitalization or death of a family member.

Example 1: Ed and Jane insure their trip for $3,000 each. John hurts his ankle prior to the trip. Ed and Jane submit a cancellation request and are refunded up to $6,000 of losses.

Example 2: Molly and Kim graduate from college and book a Yellowstone trip. They insure the trip. Molly’s grandma passes away before the trip. Both Molly and Kim can file a cancellation claim.


This policy includes trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, in addition to increased medical and emergency evacuation benefits. The TRAVEL LX policy also includes a cancel for any reason optional rider, (e.g., your son’s college soccer team makes it to the championship game and you would rather not take your tour, or your pet gets sick and you can’t travel). To be eligible to cancel for any reason, you must purchase the policy within 20 days of initial trip payment and purchase the additional rider. Small business owners particularly like this benefit, especially if they have a history of not being able to step away from work.

Important Note: The LX product is not available in the state of New York.