Getting sick at home is no picnic, but it’s even more difficult to deal with when you’re out of town. Part of planning the perfect trip is being prepared for any eventuality, which includes becoming ill while you’re away. Follow these simple tips from Epic Retreats and you won’t have to worry about illness spoiling your travels.

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re taking a family break by the lake or heading out on a business road trip, arm yourself in advance with the information you’ll need if you require medical attention. Make sure your insurance covers emergency care.

For trips outside areas covered by your policy, buy travel health insurance for peace of mind. Choose a coverage that addresses not just major issues but also any type of medical situation that has the potential to disrupt your travel plans.

Save Medical Documents to Your Smartphone

Having access to your medical documents when you travel is a must for any person. By saving medical documents onto your smartphone, you never have to worry about lugging paperwork along with you or having it lost or damaged in transit. You can easily view and share your medical history, as well as exchange important health care information.

Pack Wisely

Even if you prefer to travel lightly, it’s always wise to bring along healthcare essentials. Pack all routine medications, along with copies of prescriptions and your doctor’s phone number. Add in a supply of antihistamines, pain relievers, and medications to relieve simple respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms.

Although you may be staying close to a pharmacy, familiar brands may not be available, and in some countries, prescriptions are required for medications sold over the counter.

Stay in Your Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home offers the invaluable benefit of having a familiar, private retreat for you and your family, free from the presence of strangers. This not only enhances the comfort and intimacy of your vacations but also contributes to healthier travel experiences. In a personal vacation home, you have more control over cleanliness and less exposure to the germs often encountered in public accommodations, which is especially important in today’s health-conscious world.

However, it’s important to note that mortgages for second homes can differ from primary residence loans, often requiring higher down payments and interest rates. To make this investment more feasible, consider partnering with another family. This approach allows you to split the use and costs of the property, making it a more economical and practical option. Not only does this reduce the financial burden, but it also fosters a sense of community and shared joy in the property.

Keeping It Clean

When maintaining your vacation home, it’s crucial to avoid using harsh cleaning products, as they can trigger allergies or sensitivities in you and your guests. Instead, consider the eco-friendly and health-conscious alternative of creating your own natural DIY cleaners using common household items. Ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can be combined in various ways to make effective, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for everyone.

These natural cleaners are not only gentle on the environment and your health but also prove to be just as effective in keeping your vacation home sparkling clean. By opting for these homemade solutions, you ensure a safe and welcoming space for all, free from the worries of chemical sensitivities or allergies.

Practice Prevention

To reduce your risk of getting sick while traveling, keep a low-key schedule in the days leading up to your departure. Get plenty of rest and exercise, and limit socializing to reduce exposure to circulating bugs. Stay current on vaccinations, some of which may be mandatory depending on where you’re visiting.

Keep a Healthy Routine

Once you’re at your destination, maintain a healthy routine. This may be easy for folks on active vacations, but for business travelers cooped up in conferences, it takes more effort. When you’re on the road for work, choose a hotel with a gym and/or pool, and head out early each morning to walk or bike to your meetings. Staying active can make a big difference regarding how you feel and how your body responds to new environments. But be sure to also pack a water bottle and keep it with you to stay hydrated.

Get the Care You Need

If you end up feeling under the weather during your time away, your preparations will pay off. You’ll be ready to treat minor symptoms with the medicines you packed, and you’ll understand what you need to do regarding medical attention if your problem is more severe.

When you’re unwell but not experiencing an emergency, arranging a teleconsultation is the quickest way to have your symptoms assessed. Your hotel may also have an on-call doctor available, and cruise ships always have medical staff onboard to handle a host of common ailments. Obtaining professional attention often speeds up your recovery, so you enjoy the remainder of your trip.

Care for Your Body During Travel

Although practicing healthy habits before and during your trip can stave off illness, there’s still a chance of coming down with something while you’re away from home. By packing healthcare basics, sorting out your care options before leaving home, saving your medical documents to your smartphone, and getting medical assistance as soon as you need it, you’ll feel better sooner and get your trip back on track.