Take control of your overall well being and stay motivated with our post-retreat wellbeing program. Whether you went on a retreat with us or individually, we are here to help and support you on the journey of improving your lifestyle. The program offers a personalized wellness blueprint for you based on the health goals you have set for yourself.

We will be your support, to help keep that momentum going and create a life of positivity – physically, mentally, and spiritually. In doing so, you will feel energized in all aspects of your life.

We also want to inspire and motivate you to achieve your wellness goals. This includes reaching your target weight, establishing healthy eating habits, and shifting your mindset to what being healthy truly means to you. We will show you how to use positive mindset strategies through daily practices of visualization and meditation.

Ultimately, this is your custom-made program, and you will be your best guide. Our job is to provide you with all the tools you need to live your healthiest life. However, if you want more help in a particular area, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, we are always here to assist you.


  • 45-minute kick off call to discuss what your wellbeing program entails
  • Plan the key categories to focus on based on your overall goals
  • Plan a well-rounded total wellness program to set you up for success
  • A four-week wellbeing program
  • Two 60-minute mentorship wellness sessions per month
  • A fitness plan, health recipes, and mindset program to improve energy and overall well-being
  • Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable
  • Resources to help you reach your goals
  • Bonus gifts for staying the course


  • Recipes Guide
  • Accountability Calendar
  • Success Journal
  • An Active Functional Workout Guide
  • How to Manage Stress Guide
  • Inner Calmness and Peace Guide